Game Console Repairs

We repair most modern consoles such as PS4, PS5, XBox One X, XBox One S, XBox Series X and S, Nintendo Switch and many more.

Is your console overheating? does it sound like an airplane about to take off? then it may be due for a clean. A timely clean will make your console run a lot quieter, perform better and extend its lifespan.

If the console keeps shutting off or is slow despite a clean its hard disk may be on the verge of failure, don’t worry, we can test it and make sure.

Do you get no display on your console when you plug it in to a TV or monitor? Then your HDMI port may be broken, not to worry though Repairtech Rx can fix it for you.

Has the worst happened? Your console doesn’t power on or show any signs of life? Not to worry we can help!