We fix iPhone, iPad, MacBook and other Laptop motherboards.


Has your iPhone or iPad been damaged because of inept technicians? or because of liquid damage? Maybe a connector on the board is broken? You’ve been told your device cant be fixed and now all your precious data is locked inside an electronic brick.

Have no fear, at Repairtech Rx we have the proper tools, knowledge and experience to repair iphone, ipad, macbook and other laptop motherboards, logic boards, flex cables and other components too small to work with just the naked eye.

We deal with some major problems almost daily, for example:

Apple iPhone, iPad and MacBook repairs at Repairtech RX.

We use only quality parts and specialty tools to replace the glass and LCD on your iPhone or iPad here in Sudbury.The cost of the repair depends on the make and model of your device and the kind of damage to it. Not only do we repair broken screens and the like but we also repair motherboards and can perform complex micro-soldering repairs for devices such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPad Air, MacBook Pro. Visit RepairTechRX located in Sudbury or call us @ 705-920-0747 for timely, quality repairs. You won’t be disappointed!

iPhone repair Sudbury


  • Cracked iPhone screen repair in Sudbury within the hour.
  • High quality frame alignment tools to ensure the device looks good as new
  • FPC Connector damage repair to the iPhone or iPad motherboard.
  • No power or completely dead devices brought back to life.
  • Experienced technicians ensures attention to detail and excellent customer service.
  • 90 day warranty on all our repairs
  • The best prices in Sudbury guaranteed.
  • iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC Disease, no touch or intermittent touch.
  • iPhone 7/7+ Slow Boot/Freezing/Hanging
  • iPhone 6S/6S+ No Backlight/Half Backlight
  • iPhone 7/7+ No Backlight after Screen Repair
  • iPhone 6 No Backlight
  • iPhone Water Damage Data Recovery
  • iPad Mini Digitizer Connector Repair
  • iPhone 5S/6/6+ No Charge/No Power
  • iPhone 6S+ No Touch

Component Repairs

A broken screen isn’t the only thing that can go wrong with your iPhone, some of the most common issues with apple devices apart from broken displays are problems with charging the device, the various control buttons malfunctioning or the battery starting to give out. Whatever the problem may be we can diagnose the problem accurately and have the device repaired quickly and efficiently.


  • Repair small parts such as a malfunctioning speaker, microphone etc.
  • Repair phones that have trouble charging.
  • Battery replacements available for all Apple devices.
  • Inspections to diagnose malfunctioning phones.
  • Soldering and PCB repairs.
  • Data transfer and recovery service.
  • Same day repairs ensures you are away from your device as less as possible.

Water Damage

Water is to phones and other electronics what kryptonite is to superman. The key to fixing a water damaged device is preventative measures, bringing the device to us ASAP enables us to take steps to get rid of moisture as quickly as possible and also replace and repair any parts as necessary. The key with water damage is to take steps to ensure there is no further damage to the device due to corrosion from moisture. For the best iPhone repair Sudbury contact RepairTechRx.


  • Treatment with iso-propyl alcohol to remove moisture and corrosion.
  • Attempt to recover data from water damaged iPhones.
  • Using OEM replacement parts to repair devices.
  • No inspection fee is charged if you are charged for a repair.
  • $25 inspection payable only if no other repairs are performed.
iPhone Repair Sudbury